Take responsibility - don't hand over your power to others.

Somebody told me about a friend who is obsessed with the world ending in 2012.
Guess what - the world won't end this year in 2012. It probably won't end for a very, very long time.

Until it does, please don't give away your power to anyone that would have you relinquish your responsibility. Whether they be conspiracy theorists, psychics, healers, spiritual teachers, yoga 'guru's... anyone.

Right now, there is important work to be done - for yourself, for those around you, for the planet, for future generations.

Let's do that work, and stop worrying about an uncertain future. Focus on the present - be real, stay grounded, and do what you need to do to cultivate more joy.
Be more free.
Spread more love.

Thanks for listening - if it's of value, please share.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you. This grounded me tonight in a way the nothing else could. I appreciate the call to take responsibility for self. I have been living in a place of fear of the future. Feeling the need to plan for all contingencies. What a wonderful reminder to stay fully present.

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