The Best Piece of Advice I Ever Was Given

Photography by PaulPrescott.com

I was in an Ashram*. Having my hedonistic, narcissistic, capitalist-conditioned mind blown open by a small group of people who dedicate their lives – completely – to the benefit of the world around them. A small group of Swamis.

Before I left, I asked my favorite Swami for a piece of advice. Here’s what he said...

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Why Life is So Difficult in the World Today (and Mankind in Such a Mess).

Photograph: ‘Eight-Tear-Year-Old Woman’ – www.paulprescott.com

You are pure consciousness. Perfect, sacred, divine. This is the essence of your being and it is the essence of all being.

Whether the being of a stone, stream, star, or an animal, all is consciousness. The universe itself is built with building blocks of consciousness but no microscope will ever be strong enough to see it.

It can only be felt.

Our ancient ancestors felt it. That is why they said that stones and streams and stars had their own spirits. They felt the spirits of the stars through the core of their own being, their own spirit, and they gave the stars names.