This page is for those of you who have benefitted from my work: please add a comment simply describing your experience!
I will start by adding a few of the testimonials that I have received from clients, and the list will grow as you contribute. (Please note - some of the following are translated from Slovene, hence the dodgy wording)
Thank you!

" After the therapy, I feel as if I am 10 years old again and completely unburdened… Ben is an exceptional person and teacher, completely committed to his work and to helping others"
Miha Žmahar, Ljubljana

"I had big problems with my thyroid gland, and also gynecological problems for which I had already had one operation, and was told that I must have another. For all of these problems, Ben discovered the causes... and changes were quickly seen. The gynecologist could not believe it – the tests were normal, and I didn’t need another operation! Also, the problems with the thryoid were fixed..."
Tamara, Brežice  (extract from Jana magazine, 6.4.2010)

"Financially I am comfortable; I have happy family life; nothing is lacking; but I felt completely empty. Without any will or any energy... already after the first session (with Ben) I felt much better. Now, the emptiness has completely gone!
Today I know exactly what I want – before I was indecisive.
I am also especially grateful to Ben because he helped me to say goodbye to my dead Father. When 20 years ago he died, he wanted me to take his hand. I didn’t accept it, because my Father didn’t know how to show love.
Now my heart no longer hurts, and my soul is at ease. I am really grateful to Ben – I found peace again."
Alojz Fink, Novo Mesto

"Petra and Ben, hello! I am Miha, the one who you demonstrated your therapy on last week in Krško. I purposely didn’t rush to contact you, because I wanted to see if the effect would really be lasting and permanent. After more than a week I can say that I still feel a real difference in myself – I feel lighter, and less burdened… It seems that something really has shifted."
Miha, Krško. (This result was after a 10 minute ‘demonstration’ at a presentation)

"When I came for the therapy, I had a few different problems – grieving over the loss of a dear one; especially fears and feelings of helplessness. I thought that I knew what was troubling me, but I was very surprised! The actual cause was in something that I thought I had resolved already long ago. After just one session I feel more peaceful and I’m looking forward to the future. I would definitely recommend this therapy to anyone who wants to overcome these obstacles in life, or simply live a more full life."
Cristy Nikolič, Ljubljana


Unknown said...

After 2 therapies with Ben, an intense work that we did together regarding my childhood traumas, my life has started to change enormously indeed - for the better! ... and to effect indirectly also the lives of people very close to me... some things & situations change at light speed, others with a "normal" speed, however - persistently. Sometimes I just can not do anything except helplessly observe what's going on and eventually also myself to go with the flow...

Yes Ben....love is indeed life, and life is love! And thank heaven for you -> you are really the man with the mission.... and thanks for Petra, who brought you to us in Slovenia!!!

Tina S., Ljubljana

Megajn Hallifax said...

Ben, I just wanted to spend a moment telling you how I feel about our healing session.

I feel such gratitude to you for being the person who has helped me understand myself better from a really core place... Most importantly though, it was through your ancestral guided visualizations that for the first time in this life I felt unconditional love from within in the deepest form I have ever felt.

No words can tell you how profound that experience was for me, and how much I feel you have changed my life...

Love Megajn.

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
My name is Elfa Snape and if you remember, I visited you last summer. Since then a few things have changed for the better. ^___^ I applied for the reality show Slovenia Got Talent and on the 15th of this month I went there and sung my soul out. I feel really happy about it because I overcame my fear of people and managed to sing my best yet (let's forget I forgot a few lyrics, shall we? ) and I really think that the judges were happy with me - they said that they were pleasantly surprised and happy that I overcame it as well (I wrote about it in the application).

Anyway, I just wanted to write you about it and once again thank you for all that you've done for me.

Happy New Year 2011!
With best wishes,

Elfa Snape

Unknown said...

I wanted to let you know that the work you did has benefited me a great deal! I have been doing really well. Feeling better than I ever have. I am hesitant to even speak about it because I am so amazed but at the same time so thankful and want to be aware and keep recognizing the positive changes that have occurred so far.I often find myself saying I can't believe I feel as good as I do. For the first time I am hopeful and not stuck (like we talked about).I feel a sense of freedom.I have been way more calm, balanced and am handling things better lately than I have in the past. I am trying to trust that this is the way it is suppossed to be and will be, that it is my God given right to feel this way.I am able to work through difficult days and episodes a lot differently than I had before.I am making progress in may ways. I am thankful that this work has left me much more balanced and is helping me live and feel rather than exist.
Thank you again...
All the Best,

Delphine said...

Hi Ben,
It's been a month now. I guess I wanted to wait confirmation that something had shifted in me but now I realize that the situation is in constant evolution. Plus, with 2 jobs, a social life and a new boyfriend (!), life is pretty busy :)

I think it's the first time that I really felt empathy and compassion for my father (like stepping into his shoes) although I had been trying for a while on a purely intellectual level... I felt a sense of peace during and after.

The first week following the session was absolutely fantastic and amazing. The following days, I could feel a sense of "fullness" in my chest and of contentment that I can't remember having felt before, and I think the most appropriate word to describe it is pure love.

I remember meeting (socially) 4 new people one evening and feeling really connected to them as if I had known them for a long time. These kind of magic moments are always too rare.
Incidentally, my new relationship started 3 days later, but clearly that sense of fullness happened before.

I don't feel any anger or depressed feelings when thinking of my parents and I don't spend time every day resenting them as I used to, I hope it lasts … I feel that the sense of empathy, compassion and affection for them has started to grow…

I'm really happy that modern technology made our two sessions possible and I'll never thank you enough for your help.

Delphine, Paris, France (yoga teacher & environmental engineer)

Anonymous said...

I was sexually abused when I was 6... and Ben helped me ENORMOUSLY with Reference point Therapy. Really. When I started talking, it was like the energy in the room hugged me and he... listened. He was encouraging me, explaining and at the end, healing. That session was crucial for my travel toward loving myself. So today I have a wonderful boyfriend and my sex life is... woohooo

Unknown said...

Malina Bowman posted to Ben Ralston
Ben, I just wanted to say a huge thank you working with me. It was an honour to work with you. I really loved our sessions, they were painful at times but so worth it. I feel like a new person, much lighter, more coherent, happier and just free. You've helped me so much. I hope the medical tests will prove it too. I look forward to catching up with you next month and already looking forward to coming to Slovenia next year. Namaste.

Unknown said...

Here's a video testimonial from Beccy, who had one session and experienced a great transformation:

Unknown said...

Here's a testimonial from Jasna Šepetavc:

"For anyone interested in personal development I recommend, from the heart, the simple and efficient method of Reference Point Therapy, as taught and practiced by Ben Ralston... for me the therapy was exceptionally good, and helped me more than anything. REALLY effective thing."

Original version:

"Za vse, ki vas zanima osebnostni razvoj, iz srca priporočam, da si pogledate predstavitev enostavne in učinkovite Tehnike referenčne točke, ki jo poučuje, predava in izvaja Ben Ralston... Meni je bilo na terapijah noro dobro in mi je pomagalo bolj, kod kar koli. RES učinkovita stvar."

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