Ben Ralston is a therapist, healer, advanced Sivananda Yoga teacher, and writer.
His writings – about healing, personal development, spirituality, and life – have been read by over a million people and can be found on Elephant Journal, Rebelle Society, and various other portals online.
He has been teaching Yoga for 16 years and runs a busy international therapeutic practice from his home in rural Croatia.
His therapeutic work is based on healing trauma, and the tools he uses for this are varied – mainly RPT, Shamanism, energy work. He has also developed some of his own methods, particularly in the area of ‘resource state’ awareness, and boundary reconstruction.
He regularly runs retreats around the world combining Yoga and other energetic exercises with his therapy. He would love nothing more than to see you on one of these retreats, since he believes that this approach to personal development is really the only effective way of bringing love and peace to global human society.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,

Thanks for commenting on my blog! How nice that BC could connect us :)

Yes, things are still going in the right direction, whatever that means! I'll add your blog to my RSS and will catch up on some of your recent posts shortly. :)

Unknown said...

Hi Svasti,
Yeah, BC is cool like that.
Glad to hear that you're going well. Keep in touch,

Swami Balendu said...

Dear Ben, nice to meet and chat with you other day. You are welcome in Ashram whenever you are in India. Love

Unknown said...

Hi Swami,
Yes, it was nice talking to you. Thank you for the invitation, next time I'm in India I hope to take you up on it!
Love, Ben

Brenda Feuerstein said...

Great blog, Ben. Looking forward to reading more in the weeks to come.

Brenda Feuerstein
Director of Traditional Yoga Studies

Anonymous said...

Found you through elephantjournal.com. Followed you over here. Thanks for writing and sharing. Good stuff :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for finding and following!
Love, Ben

Tina said...

Love your writing. Looking forward to read more. Thanks for sharing your life and passion to us. Namaste.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much Tina. Namaste.

Anonymous said...

I am learning about Reiki because I want the most efficient way to heal myself and others. Maybe RPT is what I should be learning.

Unknown said...

Hi Portia,
I studied Reiki and Bio-energy healing before finding RPT. Reiki is certainly not a waste of time: you'll maybe be a better Reference Point Therapist having studied it - but I would definitely recommend RPT.
Love, Ben

Lakshmi said...

Hi Ben,

I just read your article about healing on elephantjournal.com. It inspired me to look further. I, too am trained in the Sivananda tradition and I am a student and teacher of Yoga. I look forward to reading and exploring your blog.

Namaste ~

Unknown said...

Hi Lakshmi,
Thanks for you connecting.
I love Sivananda. That organization trained me, and it's where I met my wife (whilst training to be a Swami!)
With love, Ben

Alaa from Saudi Arabia said...

Thank you.

Jan said...

Hi Ben,
Your blog is inspirational.. what you speak & write about resonates with me.
I am glad to have found you, via Elephant Journal.. thank you for sharing :)

Love Jan

Unknown said...

Thank you Jan, I appreciate it.
Yours, Ben

glen said...

Save the life of one women and you save the universe

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