Sessions can be done in person, or over the phone / skype. The client and I just talk...
What I do when I heal someone is really, really, simple!

First, I find the CAUSE.
The cause is always in the subconscious. It is always a subconscious resistance that is blocking the client from their potential.
It's usually easy for me to find it. There are a number of techniques I use, and as a last resort there is my intuition - it never lets me down.

Next, I ACKNOWLEDGE the cause. This means that the client and I both recognize it (so it's no longer subconscious), and accept it (so that there is no resistance to it). That means that there is no longer a subconscious blockage.

This simple technique is called Reference Point Therapy. It is the fastest, most elegant, and most efficient method of healing in the world. It is almost 100% successful, and the results are permanent - which is incredible because in the past, almost all other healing techniques such as Reiki, Bio-energy healing, psychotherapy, etc... had a success rate of more like 30%, and were often slow (taking sometimes years) and unreliable (often the symptoms returned. I know this from experience - I trained in both Reiki and Bio-energy healing, amongst other things).

Anything and everything:
  • Physical problems: disease; injury; hearing; illness; headaches; etc...
  • Emotional problems
  • Trauma
  • Stress
  • Psychological issues
  • Spiritual disorder (such as feelings of emptiness, or lack of faith)
I know this is a big claim. But it's the truth. I have testimonials from clients for all of the above issues, and I have healed myself from many of them too!
The fact is that everything originates in our consciousness - our body, our emotions, and our mind too. (Consciousness is that energy which is present in everything, everywhere, always). When we release blockages in the consciousness, the release is felt on all those other levels - mind, body, emotions... So there is almost nothing that we cannot heal with this method.

If there is something that YOU would like to change, there is always a way.
Nothing is 'incurable'. What has a cause, can be cured.


This is not only a way of healing specific problems, but also a way of raising our consciousness, quickly and easily. When we release blockages, we are not only healing specific problems. We are opening up the space (that before was blocked) so that a higher consciousness can come in. That higher consciousness is the essence what we really are. It is our natural state - our Beingness. We are MEANT to be healthy and happy. We are MEANT to know love inside our hearts, within our beautiful, perfect bodies, and surrounding us every step of the way.

True healing is the process of allowing ourselves to be what we have always been, but have sometimes forgotten:  beautiful, wonderful, peaceful, and joyful.


dulce said...

Thank you for sharing! I can't wait to learn more about RPT! I have experience in Reiki (level I and II) and EFT (level I), which have helped me a lot. But still not 100%. This sounds great, I'm very curious and will check out your website:)

Maria said...

I am glad you have such a great success rate. I do not appreciate the way you slam other healing methods."had a success rate of more like 30%, and were often slow (taking sometimes years) and unreliable (often the symptoms returned. I know this from experience - I trained in both Reiki and Bio-energy healing)." There are many more healing methods than just those two. Using this statement as advertising to get more clients, is short sighted.

Unknown said...

Ah but Maria, it's the truth, and you know, that's what I'm interested in. (More than advertising to get clients by the way.)

Misha said...

Just signed into your site. You are an interesting person.

Unknown said...

Thank you Misha!

Lisa said...

Are you familiar with sat nam rasayan?

I'm both curious and skeptical about your confident claims. I look forward to reading through the rest of your materials, and might be contacting you. cheers!

Unknown said...

Hi Lisa,
If I was you, and I found this webpage, I think I would be skeptical too! What can I say though? It's the truth... all my life I've been searching for, and living by, truth. As much as I could. I have no interest in deluding people.
Sat Nam Rasayan - I know of it, but I'm not familiar with it at all.

Lisa said...

right on Ben, I appreciate where you are coming from, and deeply respect your aims.

Check out "Anatomy of Miracles" by Subagh Singh Khalsa... I sense some strong similarities in your orientation and in the practice of Sat Nam Rasayan. I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on where you see correlations, if any, and where you might distinguish some differences.

Sofie said...

Hi Ben,
Have you got any experience with healing bulimia?
Thank you

Vellu said...

Thank you for really intresting blog!
This healing methods sounds quite similar to Lefkoe Method. (google) It identifyes the root believes that causes negative feelings or symptoms. These both really interests me after reading how much they obviously can help people. What is the main difference between these two methods?
Have a best day!

Unknown said...

Hi Vellu,

Thanks for your comment.
it may be that the methods are similar indeed - although I don't have time to do more than a 5 second Google, and I would say only that in RPT we recognize that beliefs are NEVER the cause of the problem, because belief is in the head (an idea).
The real cause of the problem is the survival instincts - very deep feelings that we associate with safety or survival. This association is deeply subconscious. Of course, belief may also be deeply subconscious, so it's possible that Lefkoe is saying the same thing I am, but in a different way.
The real, crucial issue with healing is understanding what CAUSES our problems. Most methods focus on the head or the heart - RPT deals on the level of the GUT.
With love

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,

There's a video here that I think you would be interested in as it
corroborates your healing approach. I'm an RN as well as someone on a continual path of self-reflection and awareness (well..I try..) and I agree that the cause of the problem is our flight/fight response to 'trauma'. Albeit, Society plays a key role in the processing of those reactions and whether or not they become ingrained in our being and thus requiring healing later in life.

Anyways...here's the link to the video..there's an obnoxious commercial in the beginning though..

all the best...

Anonymous said...


sorry!! he he ..forgot to give the link to the video! ;-)

mehar said...

Dear Ben
My wife sent the link to your blog to me yesterday. Today after I went back to it and after I read this post about healing I felt like crying from happiness but could not cry as I am in my office. Thank you.

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