Profound healing: transformation of physical and emotional problems in 1 session. But what about 18 months later?

Last night I gave a presentation near Ljubljana.

Nataša came.

I barely recognized her, but as soon as she said her name I knew which Nataša it was.

 I’d met her 18 months ago, just the once. She came to me for a single healing session. The email she sent me afterwards has been on my website as a testimonial ever since.

She’d been suffering from depression and (to put it mildly) ‘dark thoughts’ for most of her life.

Despite seeking help from multiple doctors, psychiatrists, therapists, and healers, nothing and no one had been able to help her.

When she came to me she had also been having serious problems with her thyroid and was due surgery to have it removed. That was actually the catalyst that led her to me.

The result of that single session: 

total transformation...


Strong feelings of Anger, Suspicion, and Anxiety - cleared in one session.

Great client (thank you Becky!), great results, great testimonial. Unfortunately my technical skills are not so great so it's a poor quality video, but I think you can see enough to know what worked and what didn't!

To summarize: I did one session a little over a month ago with Becky, and a week later we did a short follow up session (included in price of the first session: part of the deal when you book a session with me).

So all in all a little over 2 hours of work together.

3 separate big problems: feelings of anger (measured a month ago as 9/10), anxiety (8/10) and suspicion / distrust (10/10) cleared in one session. If that isn't a good result I don't know what is!