Somebody can be. And it’s my pleasure.

I just did a presentation in Zagreb. I presented Reference Point Therapy (my healing work), and I did a very public demonstration of it.

The 3rd level course of RPT is called Mastering the Miraculous.

Since I took that course in November 2009 I’ve been able to master miracles.

And tonight was a beautiful example of that.

First of all – who has ever heard of a ‘healer’ claiming to have the “fastest, most efficient healing technique in the world”.

Secondly, who ever had the balls to prove that claim with a public demonstration?

Well actually, there are a bunch of us RPT teachers doing just that – I’m not the only one...

So tonight, I asked for a show of hands in the audience: who wants to heal something, right now?..
5/6 people put their hands up.

I asked each of them what the problem that they wanted to heal was.

Then I intuitively chose the one I thought most suited a public demo. (Not too complex, easy to ‘measure’ a change).

The woman I chose had a ‘calcified’ shoulder. Medical diagnosis, long-term (2 year) problem. Chronic pain.

Before the session – pain was fairly low: 2 /10 whilst standing; 3/10 moving the arm.
Mobility in the shoulder was clearly impaired.
The woman said that sometimes the pain was so bad it made her cry.

I asked her a few questions:
When did the pain start?
What else was happening in her life around that time?

We ‘felt into’ the pain. A childhood memory came up to do with being abandoned.

I healed the feelings, the subconscious associations, and the ancestral trauma that caused it all. I also healed it for all of us that were present, and humanity as a whole, because it was an issue that I know is very real for many people today.

Afterwards, when I asked her to move her arm, there was no pain. Full mobility. She cried with gratitude and gave me one of the sweetest hugs.

There was a medical doctor in the audience who was utterly gobsmacked. She signed up for both RPT courses Level 1 and 2 on the spot.

And when I came home I had an email that read (I’ll paraphrase, because the sender’s English was hard to understand):

Dear Ben
I was on presentation of Reference point therapy in (Zagreb).
Not sure if somebody can (be healed) just by being
there at the demonstration healing
but I feel relief (like somebody understand me)
It feels like silence and you can't describe it with words.

Thank you very much”

Somebody can be. And it’s my pleasure.

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