Miraculous, instant healing!

I just did an amazing therapy session!

The client wanted to shift an emotional problem – he was finding himself ‘reacting’ negatively in certain situations. Specifially, he found himself feeling aggressive toward people for no good reason.

He gave this example: He had recently had a business meeting (he works in the sports industry). When the woman he was meeting with began to innocently describe how good her system of training was (inadvertently implying that his was less good) he suddenly felt aggressive towards her. Obviously, his sense of worth was threatened… but how to heal this?

Of course this was a big problem for him – in this instance it threatened not only his momentary emotional balance and mental clarity, but potentially also his long-term business and personal relationships.

We used the elegantly simple technique of RPT, and fully healed him not only of this problem – he also got more than he bargained for…
I guided the client through the ‘head, heart, gut’ process. As he visualized himself in the same business meeting again he was able to identify the thoughts that he had at the time.
As the woman stated how superior her work was, he immediately felt threatened and the thought (head) was:
“You’re talking nonsense”

He was also able to identify his emotional response (heart) to her statement: he was afraid.

However, he got stuck on the deeper feeling (gut). This is quite common – many people find it difficult to recognize the emotions and feelings that are causing their issues… but it’s never a problem, because my trusty intuition rarely lets me down.

I did it for him, and we found that in his gut there was a very strong sense of annihilation. As if his sense of worth being threatened also threatened his very existence.

At this point the client told me he had had several complications at his birth: in fact, he had almost died, and the doctors had had to revive him. He felt that perhaps this feeling of ‘annihilation’ was connected to that.

So, we worked on that deep ‘gut’ feeling in relation to his birth, and cleared it. I felt something ‘shift’ – the sign I always get when a healing is successful, and I told him that the session was over. However, there was a little surprise in store for us both!

As he got up to stretch he literally stopped in his tracks.

“That’s strange!” he said. “My back pain is gone”.
He did some exercises, stretching backwards, touching his toes, and found that his chronic back pain had also been healed!

The session took about an hour and half, and the client –from the comfort of his own home - released a serious emotional blockage, as well as healing a long term, extremely painful, bad back!

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Anonymous said...

Very true Ben. Most people have blockage in their 3rd chakra area. This can manifest itself in many ways, head, neck, shoulder, back pain, rounded upper back. Improper diet often makes it difficult to circulate energy in this area of the body and with whatever subconscious blockages we have, it can be very problematic. In the US, I'd say the vast majority of the public is blocked in this area. Healing this area takes time, focus, and effort.

nothingprofound said...

Ben-What a rewarding session for the both of you! Wonderful to see another person benefit so handsomely from your expertise and knowledge.

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Cheryl Petersen said...

You got my attention!

Unknown said...

Anonymous - yes, this area is a big problem.
The problem is often compounded in people who are of a 'spiritual' dispostition and are taught, or learn, to focus on developing the higher centers.
With love, Ben

Unknown said...

Cheryl - and you got mine!

yogajunkie said...

This is a fantastic concept. It combines the contemporary and scientifically derived knowledge of psychology and the ancient wisdom and chakras and mind-body-spirit connection. I love that you are not treating each item as a discrete item completely disconnected from the others, but that you are using each to heal the others :)

Well done Ben. I am going to link to you from my blog and I will most certainly be back :)

Jayney3210 said...

Yes I've got chronic pain. The chinese believe that it is caused by a blockage in your qi. I have also heard that it is caused by emotional trauma.

And what's helped me is psycho-therapy,yoga and a proper diet.

Unknown said...

@Yoga Junkie

Thanks, and I'm glad you get it. It's important stuff if you ask me, because it changes the way we've been looking at healing, personal development, even spirituality itself.

Patti said...

Any recommendations on specific yoga poses you feel would directly work in this area? Twisiting or prone poses?

Unknown said...

Hi Drawer Queen,
I'm not sure what you mean - which area?

Nici said...

Sounds too good to be true. Do you have any long term reactions from your clients? Do they get back to you eventually? I know from my own experience that if you are not healed you often don't go back to the same therapist out of a feeling of shame, I did something wrong or simply the good old desperate thought of 'it will never change anyway'.
Would be great to find out. Otherwise this sounds exactely what I have been looking for for a long time.

Unknown said...

Hi Nici,
It is good, but it is true. This healing is permanent - I'm all too aware of the many types of healing that give a temporary euphoria, but the underlying cause remains... so that in fact little healing is really done. I have contact with many of my clients long-term, and I never hear of any recurring problems. This is lasting work.
The only long term reaction is greater health and happiness!

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