The 'key' to personal development

I will share with you now some things that are little known, yet highly important in personal development.

Many people are working on developing themselves in many ways. If you google ‘therapy’ (or ‘healing’, or ‘personal development’), you’ll find literally thousands of different kinds of modalities.

Almost all of them are either energy based (reiki, bio-energetic techniques), or emotional based (heart based healing, E.F.T), or psychologically based (NLP, psychotherapy).

A common reaction to healing (especially to the energy / heart based techniques) is a feeling of euphoria, often accompanied by tears of joy. People often believe that they’ve “really healed it this time” because the feeling is so intense.

However, the truth is that if you have this kind of tearful reaction to therapy, you’ve probably only healed yourself on the energy / emotional level. The symptoms are healed (hence the feeling of euphoria – it’s a relief!), but the relief is only temporary. Very likely the problem will persist, perhaps in a different form.
Similarly, with therapies that are based on psychological healing, it’s often slow going: I’ve met people that have had years and years of therapy and not really shifted anything significantly.

True healing works on the level of cause. When you heal the cause of the problem, the symptoms simply fall away: sometimes immediately, sometimes over time. There won’t be any ‘fireworks’ though – no tears, no euphoria. Just a slow unwinding, as every level of your being (physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and causal) shifts subtly back into alignment.

When this happens, what you’ll most likely feel is a slight tingling sensation. You’ll feel lighter and strong. You’ll feel more complete.

True healing is really letting go of something false – a blockage that was in between the present you (the one that has a problem), and the real you.
You want to be healthy and happy: we all do.
The thing that most people don’t realize is that they are already healthy and happy! Healthy and happy is our natural state of being – our default setting if you will!

Healing is about letting go of whatever is getting in the way.

Your body will heal itself very efficiently when it is allowed to.
Your state of mind will automatically shift towards joy if you relax (let go) deeply enough.

So here’s the secret: the cause of almost all of our problems is a subconscious blockage that relates to either survival / safety, or reproduction. It relates not to the head ; nor to the heart. It is connected primarily to our ‘gut’ – the area below the solar plexus and above the genitals.

The gut is the place where we feel our deepest feelings, which are always about safety and survival. Many people’s greatest fear for example is public speaking: surveys have shown that many people would rather die than have to speak in public! That kind of fear is always felt in the gut.

So, when I am healing someone, I am looking for the cause of the problem, and it’s always something that relates to a ‘gut feeling’.

When you are working on your own personal development, be aware that the most important centre of awareness that you have – important in terms of influence that it has over your life – is in your gut.

The reason I’m writing about this now is that I know from the many years of personal development work I’ve done that most people ignore their ‘lower centers’ and focus on the higher ones. There is a myth in spiritual and healing circles that we should focus almost exclusively on the heart or the third eye.

I learnt all this when I studied and became a Reference Point Therapist and teacher: my own personal development and my work with others shifted tremendously. I learnt how to very quickly and efficiently let go of ‘stuff’ that otherwise takes people years of struggling.

This is all very theoretical I know, so I’ve written up my latest client / therapist session, which was a great example of a truly amazing healing session, typical of the kind of results that you can get with RPT. It was a simple skype session, client in America, me in Slovenia, and he got much more than he bargained for! I'll publish that immediately after publishing this... enjoy!

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Kristen said...

Hi Ben,
I loved this, thank you for the post. It is true..all too often we experience joy temporarily and the underlying problems take far too long to heal. The letting go process and self-awareness can be a lengthy process but in the end, they are true elements that aid in true personal development and growth.

best regards,

Unknown said...

Hi Kristen,
Thanks for your comment.
Joy is our natural state. We simply have to remove what's blocking that. It only takes as long as we want it to. Once we make up our minds to fully take responsibility for all that has happened, and all that we are, it's actually relatively fast and easy... relatively being a key word there!
Taking responsibility is very important...
With love, Ben

Jayney3210 said...

This whole year I've been trying to heal. I've committed to yoga, meditation, ayurvedic cooking and I've been seeing a psycho-therapist. I've felt, significantly better and healthier yet I've not fully healed. Stronger yes, I have a better understanding of myself. Over the last 4 weeks I've been through a devastating ordeal that has made the world spin and go black. It's like when I couldn't imagine things to get worse they do. But reading this post, I feel truth in your words, I feel some hope.

Anonymous said...

I would be very thrilled to read transcript of rpt sessions that were successful it would help me immensely to improve my understanding of rpt. Can you please email me links to them.
Thanks very much
Shl Miller

Unknown said...

Hi Ben
I was trying to find where the transcript of this healing session is, I keep on reading all of your wonderful writing and getting side tracked and must be missing where it is, could you please post a link to it here or by email, I would really love to view it.
Thanks so much
really enjoy reading your blog

Unknown said...

Hi Sue,
I think you wrote a comment somewhere else about wanting a transcription - as I said there, due to the confidential nature of the therapy, I don't do transcriptions.
Thanks, Ben

Unknown said...

Hello Ben, I read posts by you within the RPT forum, and cane to this one, neat site and write ups (I learned RPT 2.0, 2yrs back- gosh that long ago I guess, and it made internal shifts, but not actual shifts, or perhaps actual shifts, but not in "all aspects" hard to tell- some parts not though, although in class- people I worked with- and after RPT class I've sessioned a few people- each mentioned feeling a shift in themself, as there were shifts I "sensed" in them, I mentioned or interpreted along with interpreting their NVC indication (postural shift etc) and/or Verbal confirming.. so I seemed to be able to feel/follow and they had results from it... Just perhaps a "block" to self-healing in me, although shifts happen.... then again, perhaps without the work (over months my understanding has continued to shift) I wouldn't have released what I have and be not open.. and yet still such stuckness...

Anyway- above partially to orient/my comments... [note: even though as I mention I am/was familiar with the concepts, I think your blog "3 steps to profound healing (broken heart, bones, spirit)" really wrapped it up nicely- with the addition in your 2ndary gain post "what would you lose if?" (pause: and see what awareness is in contact with, not seeking or question to get an answer=self-talking, already contact, and currently at root I often get an feeling of sort of blank- like not know, not "unknown" nor can't no, just like censored almost- redacted/blackout? -and yet with an "!" of intensity) anyway- cool thx for that :)

I do have a specific question/comment about this one (above post mentions some curious things, and (as I quote below) seems to reference some example-details in regards to "being more upon the cause aspects/root" as well as "getting out of the way" - and yet.. well see below, I hope I didn't just misunderstand. Thx

Hello Ben, below is copy-pasted 2nd to last paragraph of the above post by you:
>>>>This is all very theoretical I know, so I’ve written up my latest client / therapist session, which was a great example of a truly amazing healing session, typical of the kind of results that you can get with RPT. It was a simple skype session, client in America, me in Slovenia, and he got much more than he bargained for! I'll publish that immediately after publishing this... enjoy!<<<<<<

Then in the Feb 17 2011 comment above Ben said..
>>> I don't do transcriptions.<<<

Perhaps I'm confused in interpreting it, your comment in regards to Confidentiality does make sense- perhaps I'm connecting (associating) two parts I shouldn't, and/or you changed your decision?

[nice ponder and effort to express, I hope my "comment" wasn't too long :) cheers


Marvin and Grant said...

Hi Ben, great post! It really resonates with the work we've been doing around the gut brain and heart brain and their core competencies. What we've found, and its backed up by recent neuroscience findings, is exactly what you've so beautifully articulated in your post. Core identity issues are processed by the enteric (gut) brain. The gut brain monitors threats and safety and holds deep seated emotions. What's most fascinating from our research is that you can shift this via very simple and specific techniques that involve the heart brain. If you're at all interested in our work, please check out http://www.mbraining.com We'd be keen to hear your feedback about our models and techniques.

best wishes, Marvin and Grant

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