Beautiful video, real message

So, I came across this video over at Elephant Journal. It's a beautiful message presented in a very clever and interesting way. It made my hair stand up on end, and brought a tear to my eye. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
First watch the movie, then read on...


It's a fact that:
  • in our society, more people get divorced than stay together.
  • the numbers of those on medication for depression are increasing.
  • we have a culture of greed and corruption that fools many people into chasing material aspirations before working on their inner development.
  • many parents have to work, or feel they have to work, whilst at home their children are starved of the love they need as much, if not more than, food and water.
  • our society is fast losing all sense of community. In place of physical, local community, we are left with 'virtual' community, which while useful, is not a substitute for the real thing.
  • this IS a quick fix society. Headache? pill. Hungry? microwave. Dirty clothes? Washing machine... are we happier now that we have more time? No. Do we really have more time..?!
  • people generally feel very, very dis-empowered, hence the scale of political apathy that we see now.
  • environmental destruction is widespread. The eco-system is in a big mess. Why? Because it's a reflection of human (un)consciousness.
That's why I write, teach, and do the work that I do. The intention behind all my work is to inspire and motivate people towards inner transformation and personal empowerment. That's what healing is.
When we all achieve inner peace; love ourselves; and realize the absolute interdependence of the whole universe;
then we will reverse it. We heal the world as we heal ourselves.
BE the change you wish to see in the world.

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Anonymous said...

Ben, I'm not sure what to do - I cry almost every time I read your writing. My heart beats a bit too fast, and I my heart opens up a bit too wide, and then I want to run and hug my children and whisper a mantra of love and devotion to this fragile, beautiful, wonky world. I feel inspired to keep on keepin' on, with my own work helping others to transform and embrace their own beauty.

From one healer to another, from one precious human to another...thank you.

Kim Sequoia

Unknown said...

Hello Kim, what a lovely message! Thank you so much. I'm not sure what to do either! I'll keep writing as long as you keep reading and hugging your children :)
Love, Ben

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,
Will do! You're inspiring me - any day now I may get through my writer's block and pick up the pen once more...

All good things,
Kim Sequoia

MissPaulette said...

This video is truly wonderful - I am a textbook editor for English as a second language, and we are using this video as one of our 'video' component activities. I sincerely hope it will inspire the students (and teachers) who see it...I know that it inspired me and my writing team! :-)

Paulette Cake
Managing and Concept Editor for ESL (and former ESL teacher!)

Unknown said...

To KIm: have you read this post?
I had writers block real bad, and healed it very fast... maybe it'll help you...
Love, Ben

Unknown said...

To Paulette:
I am sure your students will be inspired! I know I would have been when I was studying.
Love, Ben

sayama said...

Dear Ben
I just came across your blog via elephant journal, where I realised the entries I was drawn towards were mostly written by the same person - you! The honest style of your writing, and the sense of humour that comes through is refreshing. I'll be a regular visitor!
On this video, I love the message, and the clever and simple way in which it is delivered. Thanks for posting it!

Unknown said...

Dear Sayama,
Thankyou very much. I appreciate your encouragement and support. Hope you are well.
Love, Ben

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blogs recently and I keep coming back to them. I think this is a sign your writing really resonates. What an important reminder that focusing on inner peace is vital for any change we hope to have on the outside world. Sometimes personally it's hard to realize this as I feel I'm spending too much time on myself, but honestly it IS where true change begins. Thank you!

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