WILL you help me?

Dear friends,

- please let me know what you want! I have articles planned on:
  • meditation;
  • proper diet and vegetarianism;
  • exercise;
  • healing;
  • breathing exercises;
  • positive thinking;
  • yoga;
  • the placebo effect...
What would you like to read about most? Tell me, so that I know what you want.

- It takes time to build up a blog - time I don't have.
I would rather be writing articles - giving you information, sharing my experience - than marketing and promoting myself.
I'm asking for your help: your time is also precious, I know, so I'm not asking for much.
However, if you spend a few minutes on this, I would be really grateful!

Here is what you can do:
  1. email friends that might also like this blog, and give them the link
  2. use the green ShareThis button under each article - you can then choose to share in facebook, digg, and various other social network platforms. You can do this for each article, and the more you do it, the more exposure the blog gets, and thus the more readers. (You can't do it too much!)
  3. become a 'follower' (only takes a moment)
  4. vote for me at the 'blogger's choice awards' - this should take about 2 minutes: follow this link; press the yellow 'vote' button; follow the instructions...
Finally, but importantly: please leave comments after you read the articles. The reason for this is that when people come to an article and see that there are comments they are more likely to read it. So by leaving comments, you really help!
You don't have to leave your name - you can do it anonymously - and you don't HAVE to write anything profound or even intelligent! Even a simple "thank you" helps.

ps - don't forget to let me know what kind of articles you would most like to read - you can leave a comment now ; )


Peter said...

Hi Ben,
I am most interested in the exercise, healing topic.
Have a great weekend.


Unknown said...

Ok, noted.
Thanks for your support Peter.

Unknown said...

Hi Ben

I would love more on meditation, proper diet and vegetarianism, healing, Yoga....well Ok.... all of the above PLEASE :)

Thank YOU!!!

Unknown said...

Ha! Ok, thanks for letting me know, I'm working on it :)

timethief said...

I want you to share on all these topics which are BTW the same topics I blog on. It's so wonderful to meet a kindred spirit, but in fact, we all are kindred spirits, and that's what I have learned through my yoga and meditation practice and through teaching too.

Love and peace be with you always,

Jayney3210 said...

Hi Ben, I've only recently came across your blog and wanted to say Hi. Your articles are very interesting and i'm enjoying reading them, out of your list of topics i'd read them all but the most relevant to me right now is healing & proper diet & vegetarianism.

Unknown said...

Hello Jayney,
Thank you for your input. I'm really happy to hear that someone is reading, let alone enjoying reading the articles here!
I'm on a bit of a roll right now, so watch this space. I'll try to do an article on diet soon - it may have to be a series because there's so much information that I have to share about it.
Thanks for the comment - keep 'em coming!
With love,

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,

All of your topics are interesting. After having read through some of them, already I find relevance in them. I am sure if you follow your heart, and write about whatever you feel the need to at the time, you will receive readers, because everybody is seeking help or answers to different topics at different times, differently to other people. Your writing is informative, engaging, and long enough to maintain readers' interest. Keep it up!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the feedback Anon.
Certainly that's how I write (because it's also how I live my life): following my heart, and writing / doing what I feel my heart wants and needs at the time. All the best!

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