Many people (including many doctors!) view HEALTH like this: "we are healthy when there is nothing wrong".
You know what? When you look at health like that, you are really just waiting to get sick!
I'm going to share with you some information that not many people know, and fewer understand.
I want to tell you WHAT HEALTH REALLY IS.
I'm also going to give you 5 practical tips which, if applied intelligently, will transform your life!
Health is not a lack of disease. It is not the absence of sickness. It is not a negative anything. But many people (including many doctors!) view it like this: "we are healthy when there is nothing wrong".
You know what? When you look at health like that, you are really just waiting to get sick!

True health is a radiant state of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual vitality. It is much, much more than a lack of symptoms. It is a state of consciousness in which abundant energy and vibrant wisdom merge with physical well-being and peace of mind, bestowing an all-consuming sense of JOY...

This is actually our natural state of being - it is our birth right! It is the way we are supposed to be.
When we experience this state of natural health, it is because all the different aspects of us are unified. Our head, our heart, and our body, are all speaking the same language. We are coherent. All of our different aspects are co-operating.

As I said in the article SUCCESS, coherence and intention, this term coherence comes from the language of Reference Point Therapy. It is also a scientific term: a coherent light pattern is one which is focused. When you focus the beam of a torch, the light becomes more intense; brighter... similarly, when we focus our light, (our awareness, our energy)... we become more powerful. Specifically what this means to us as human beings, is allowing our head (thoughts), our heart (emotions), and our gut (instincts) to be in harmony. When we operate like that, we are coherent, and that means healthy.

So, poor health, sickness, disease, depression, and addiction are symptoms of incoherence. It really is that simple.
If there is something wrong, it is because some part of you is not communicating with the other parts. You are, on some level, incoherent.
What this new understanding means - and let's be really clear: this is modern, cutting edge information that I am giving you here. Only very recently has this new approach to healing been discovered. What I am talking about here is a NEW PARADIGM, a completely new approach to health and healing.
What this new understanding means, is that we can HEAL ourselves very quickly, very easily, and permanently - now. This is the Holy Grail of healing.

We don't have to keep on repeating the same patterns of illness, poverty, unhealthy relationship. We don't have to visit the doctor anymore, or spend thousands of euros on psychotherapy, or keep on going to bio-energy healing again and again. We are able now, if we so choose, to become more coherent!
If health and joy are our birthright, why do so many people suffer from poor health and depression?
The reason why so many people are unhealthy is that our society is unhealthy.
You don't need me to tell you why and how our society is unhealthy - it's obvious. Essentially, health is our natural state, but we have become very far removed from what is natural. It's not natural to spend so many hours inside. It's not natural to spend so many hours sitting down. It's not natural to sit in chairs, or to stare for hours at the pixels of a computer screen. It's not natural to... I could go on, but I won't because you know all this.

What to do about it?
Well, if you want to be healthy, I offer you here some practical advice:
  1. The body needs exercise every day. It needs to stretch, and the muscles need to be used regularly. You don't have to over-do it, but do DO it! (I'll write an article on proper exercise later).
  2. Breathe deeply and slowly.
  3. Diet: You need to eat fresh, healthy food, and drink lots of water. If you eat meat, eat only a little (once or twice a week is about right). The human body is not designed to eat large quantities of meat, and doing so causes toxins. (I will write an article on nutrition and vegetarian diet later).
  4. Practice deep relaxation daily.
  5. Meditate. Meditation is relaxation taken to a whole other level. When you meditate, you combine deep relaxation with focused awareness (concentration), and the result is a profound, powerful meeting between YOU and YOURSELF. It's hard to describe - if you have experienced it, you don't need me to tell you. If you haven't... I'll write an article on meditation later!
If you put these 5 points - exercise, breathing, relaxation, diet, and meditation - into practice daily, you will be well on the way to perfect, radiant health. Remember, that means:
"abundant energy and vibrant wisdom merged with physical well-being and peace of mind, bestowing an all-consuming sense of JOY!"
Practicing these 5 points will help to re-align the different aspects of yourself (for example body, emotions, and thoughts). This means coherence, and therefore greater health.

If you get stuck, it may be that there is a blockage. I highly recommend Reference Point Therapy as a unique, highly efficient alternative healing method - quickly and permanently releasing blockages. One such blockage could be a lack of discipline - lack of discipline is really low self-esteem: when we love ourselves deeply, we don't need 'discipline' because we automatically do for ourselves what is best.

An example of the way in which RPT works:
Perhaps your parents didn't express their love for you openly when you were a child. Perhaps they worked a lot, or maybe they just didn't know how to love their children fully. This caused you, as a child, to feel a sense of emptiness; like something is wrong with you; as if something in you is missing. This sense of emptiness is a blockage that causes many problems for many people. It prevents people from living life fully; from loving themselves deeply; and from doing the things that they know they should.
It's easy to release this kind of blockage with RPT.

I practiced the above 5 points for many years, and I made very good progress. Whereas I used to be ill a lot, and suffer from emotional ups and downs, after years of practicing yoga (which is where these 5 points come from - I'll write more articles on yoga later!), I felt much better. But something was missing. When I discovered Reference Point Therapy all that changed. I let go of several blockages that were holding me back, and my health, abundance, and self-esteem all shifted: I became much more successful.

The purpose of this blog is to share the secret of that success with you. I hope it is helping...
With love,

Do you agree with this article - anything you disagree with?
Do you feel that something is blocking you from the life you WANT to live?
Have you experienced RPT yourself? - If so, share your experience by leaving a comment.


Peter said...

Hi Ben,
your articles getting better and better. Really good! I recently started Meditation, vegetarian diet and relaxation and I´m really fast getting a better state. I also want to do all three RPT Courses this summer.
I would add another important point. The "spiritual context" of life. For me it´s at least as important as the points you mentioned.
Thank you and I´m looking forward to the announced articles.


Unknown said...

Hi Peter, thank you.
Glad to hear that you have recently started all those things - what a 'coincidence' :)

cynic's happiness catalogue said...

Hi Ben,

I'm looking at your blog! I like what you say here:

lack of discipline is really low self-esteem: when we love ourselves deeply, we don't need 'discipline' because we automatically do for ourselves what is best.

and i completely agree with you on what you say about how people usually think that we are healthy when there is nothing wrong.

All the best from the Happiness Catalogue

Unknown said...

Hi Happiness Catalogue,

Glad you found something you didn't hate!!
You say what you did agree with - what about anything that aroused the cynical side of you more? :)
I do value cynical constructive criticism the most, because I'm also secretly a cynic at heart too u know...

Unknown said...

Hi, there!

Have a nice week-end! Enjoy!

I think that our health comes from our minds. A healthy mind will keep our body away from sickness.


Unknown said...

Hi Dyeve,
Thanks for reading the page.
I absolutely agree, that health is not a physical thing. Rather it comes from the mind. But what do you think the mind is?
With love,

Unknown said...

And how can we use it in a practical way to create true health?

coolingstar9 said...

Yes, it is so true that health consist of so many elements.
I will read your blog posts to maintain good health.
I also thinking of attending yoga class soon.

Unknown said...

Hi coolingstar,

Where are you? Maybe I can recommend a good yoga class.
Thanks for the read,


Antonia Blanca said...

I love your positive definitive of health. It's true that defining it as not being sick is sick waiting to happen. :-)

Unknown said...

Thank you Antonia,
I'm glad you picked up on that line. I thought it was pretty good too!

Unknown said...

Hi Ben
I really love your blog and am so looking forward to the articles you mention that you will be writing on.
I also have been eating vegetarian and cook accordingly for my family, also I have begun yoga again as I had given up for few years and feel so good to be doing it again, but wow the tightness the body takes on when all the stretching etc is stopped is quite amazing how long it is taking to get back to what I was able to do before.
I will re read all of these articles written so far .
But sorry I don't really have much to say except: Keep it up, it's great!

Unknown said...

Hi Sue,
you say you don't have much to say, but you know what? What you did say was beautiful! A direct expression of gratitude and intent which I felt deeply. Your comment has inspired me - on a day when I really needed it. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
With love,

H. Kids said...

Very big thanks for understand us the word health. I understood in clear manner.

Unknown said...

It's my pleasure H.
Thanks for your comment!

Ly0nTurtl3 said...

Ben, I've been reading through many of your articles and blog posts this past hour or three, and I'm loving EVERYTHING! However, I would love it if you could explain more fully why it is we shouldn't be eating meat. You said it creates toxins, is this all meat, is it in proportion to how healthy we are eating otherwise as well?

Unknown said...

Hey LyonTurtle (great name! )
I did as promised and later wrote an article all about why not to eat meat... it's here: http://benralston.blogspot.com/2010/08/proper-food.html
Thanks for loving EVERYTHING!
With love, Ben

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