SUCCESS: coherence and intention

The following quotes are a "conversation" from my facebook page. I originally wrote  this 'status update' about intention:
"...without intention, we are like dry leaves in the wind – at the mercy of random forces far beyond our control or understanding. But with intention all of those forces are seen to be what they truly are: ours."
 My friend Metka asked me to write about it and the following conversation ensued (bear with me):

Metka: "the wind can be too strong, blowing away the ability to know the intention"

Ben: "With pure intention, the wind is always behind us."

Metka: "with pure intention the wind is positive and colourful, and you are sailing peacefuly - untill the wind decides to be naughy and stops blowing immediately, leaving you lost in the middle of the sea. Which way to choose to find intention? Or just wait for it to come itself? It is not easy and simple at all."

Metka's questions prompted me to write about a very important topic. Important to success in all areas of life - health, relationship, work, personal life: COHERENCE.

The state of coherence  is a state of awareness in which we are truly powerful. We can achieve anything we set our minds to, and we live in a state of physical and mental health .
- The state of incoherence is a lack of awareness, in which we are truly weak. We set our minds to all sorts of things, but they don't happen the way we would like. We spend our lives feeling frustrated and emotional.

My work as a healer is very simple:
guiding people towards greater coherence. And you know what? It's easy, fast, fun, and permanent! The reason it's so easy is that we are meant to be coherent.

As human beings, we seem very complex. We have a body (with many parts), and a mind, and emotions; senses; intuition; instinct; subconscious... the list goes on and on. Sometimes, especially in this crazy world we live in, where we were never taught - or even encouraged to think about - WHAT WE ARE... sometimes, life can be very confusing.
I want to help relieve that confusion:

We have a center of awareness which we call our 'mind'. It is in our head. That center of awareness, in our head, is very complex - like a computer. It thinks; it is responsible for language, and analysis. No other animals have this awareness.
We have a center of awareness which we call our 'heart'. It is in the center of our chest (not the physical heart). That center of awareness, in our heart, is fairly complex. It feels; it is responsible for emotions. Other mammals have this awareness.
We have a center of awareness which we don't call anything, because most people are not even aware that it exists! It is in our body, below our solar plexus. The ancient Taoists called it the Tan Tien. That center of awareness, deep down in our bodies, between our solar plexus, and the space between our hips, is very simple: it knows; and it is responsible for our safety, survival, and reproduction. ALL animals have this.

Now, when these three separate centers of awareness are out of 'synch'; not communicating with each other, or speaking a different language, it's called INCOHERENCE.
Have you ever been attracted to someone physically, but you didn't like them?

The body awareness was attracted; the heart awareness repelled; and the head awareness, confused! The reason for this is that our various centers of awareness - body, heart, and head - are all saying different things.
The body is saying "mmnnn he is HOT"
The heart is saying "no, he is NOT, he is horrible"
The brain is saying " comon you two, make your minds up so I know what to DO about it?!"

Let's leave that example for now, and look at the mechanics of our awareness.
The body vibrates with the world around us. On a very deep level, it FEELS the world around it, and KNOWS how to respond. This is because our body has literally hundreds of millions of years of evolutionary cellular memory. (Scientists have proven that our cells carry memory). If the body responds to something or someone in a certain way, there is always a reason.

However, we often don't listen to that voice. We instead listen to another voice (usually the head) which says:
"I CAN'T do that" or " I SHOULDN'T do that". So we feel caught up in a constant inner struggle. This struggle is called INCOHERENCE. It is the single biggest cause of poor physical and mental health in the world.

On the other hand, there is COHERENCE. That is when our body responds to something in the world, our heart accepts the message and passes it through to our brain, and our brain chooses the correct course of action. When that happens, all three of those centers of awareness are in harmony with each other. This is the single biggest cause of happiness, health, and success in the world.

You know when you focus the light on a torch, so that the light is more intense, brighter, more powerful? Science calls that light, COHERENT. Similarly, when the light of our awareness is focused, it becomes more intense and more powerful.

  • Choose a goal: maybe you want to expand your business (or earn more money; become more well known; find a beautiful soulmate...) Consciously, in your head, you want that.
  • But what about in your heart? Put your hand on your heart. Close your eyes and visualize success (picture yourself, and really FEEL it, with that new partner, new job, fame, whatever it is you want). Is there any fear there? Any doubt, or confusion, or uncertainty? Perhaps fear of succes - being more visible, attracting attention. Or perhaps fear of failure?
  • And if the heart is in line with the head - what about the body? Put your hand on your belly, and feel if there are any deeper feelings / instincts there opposed to your goal? These are usually connected to survival and safety.

If so, that's the reason you're not getting what you want. You are not coherent about it.
We often think we want something, but we really, on a deeper level, don't!
Now, to answer Metka directly:
The wind you are talking about is your head awareness - your mind and thoughts.
The Sea you are talking about is your emotions.
Intention comes from below those places; deep down in the body.

Listen to your body, your instincts, your intuition, your deeper feelings. You KNOW what is right, what is needed, in every moment - that is your intention. Don't allow your thoughts to interfere with that KNOWING intention. Do what is right for you in every moment.
Most people get stuck by not having the courage to DO what they feel and know they need to do.
Listen to your inner voice. Do what it says.

When your heart and head  follow that voice, THAT is coherent intention, and it can move mountains.

I acknowledge that it can seem complicated - especially if you are caught up in a situation that is complicated. But we always have a choice. We can always choose to listen to that inner wisdom, and follow it's direction. Or we can be afraid.

I chose long ago to turn my back on fear; to follow that deep inner wisdom that I call intention. It has never once let me down. In the beginning, it was
very hard, because I doubted it. No one had never taught me to follow my own inner voice - I'd been forced many times to listen to others: teachers, parents, doctors, politicians... 

I questioned it, and found it hard to surrender control to it. But little by little, it won my trust. And so it gets easier and easier.

Let me know what you think...

do you get this idea of coherence? Does it make sense to you? Does it feel right?

If you do get it, and you would like to make yourself more coherent so that you can become more focused, more powerful, more healthy, and more successful in all areas of life, come and see me for a session, (or to learn RPT for yourself) - that's what I do!
With love,

*(coherence is a term that I originally learnt from Simon Rose, the genius who created the alternative healing method which I now use: Reference Point Therapy . He taught me, and I'm very happy to share this information with you).


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